The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey

Leading mythology expert, Joseph Campbell, defined for us the hero’s journey. It is the story of all of us, each of us on our own journey, capable of so much, what will we do when we follow our bliss. Today there are so many of us that have walked the hero’s journey, you will know this story because suddenly something changed, then a sequence of events eventually led to your transformation. 

This is the story we call the Hero’s Journey. It always begins with Act 1, Bright Hawk helps us understand this step in the video below. Act 1 is the HOOK, the beginning of the story that brings us in closer so we don’t miss what happened. Its the start of the story that pulls you in, the part that makes you feel like you want to hear what happened. Act 1, begins when normalcy is interrupted, what was supposed to happen is no longer, plans have changed, now the adventure begins! 

Watch this sneak peek from a prior Storyteller’s Connection where Bright Hawk helps us define and shape our Act 1 so that we can get our listener’s attention. 

We hope you will bring your Hero’s Journey to Storyteller’s Connection where the storyteller’s come to share, practice and try on their stories with active listeners.  

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