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Dancing Hippo

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The Dancing Hippo
“A story that will stoke the flames of our own resilience. Mvuu moves through this book in a way that shows all beings are unique and worthy of inclusion.”-Melissa Bengtson, Program Coordinator for the Down Syndrome Association of Connecticut’s Literacy & Education Center 

The Dancing Hippo
Story by Bright Hawk; Illustrated by Amanda Moore

We journey to Africa, with all its sounds and beauty, at sunset with a full moon rising. All the animals are jamming and our main character, Mvuu Kutamba, a hippo, finds themselves in a Hippo Dance Trance! Just then, elephants come down to the watering hole where this is all happening and the bull elephant announces loudly for everyone to hear, “Hippos cannot dance!” Ending the bliss bubble of joy and leaving the hippo to wonder what they did wrong. After a mud bath and a bit of time, the hippo comes out of the water and is visited first by the honey bee who reminds the hippo, sometimes life stings, and sometimes life is sweet! You decide! And asks, What are you willing to beee? And the hippo decides to be “Delightfully surprised by how sweet this life can be!” One night, during a new moon, the firefly arrives to tell the hippo, “Only you Can Shine your Light!” And the final visitor is a butterfly, who reminds the hippo, “Transformation happens! Each in their own way encouraging the hippo to be themselves and do what makes you happy! By the next full moon rise and sunset jam, the hippo is transformed and ready to do a hippo dance trance! The moon even sends a moonglow necklace. And this time, when the elephants arrive, the bull elephant notices and says, I guess hippos can dance! And they dance into the night…

What makes the story special is that it has no genders, no gender pronouns, intentionally so every child can see themselves in every character. The illustration by Amanda Moore is exceptional and transports the reader to Africa.

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    The Dancing Hippo comes to life with art by Amanda Moore who has illustrated this book. The book is set to be released Nov. 27th, 2020 in hardback, softback, and interactive Ebook style.

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    A Bright Hawk original story based in the African desert about a hippo that dances despite the naysayers among their tribe. This story is inclusive for all gender identities in an effort to make gender neutral stories available for all children. This story can be performed LIVE for groups of children in many different settings.

    A very wet performance of The Dancing Hippo Story with a Live Action Character

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    Storyteller Coaching

    Are you a Hostage Taker?

    Wait, what’s a Hostage Taker?

    They monopolize your time, speak without getting to a point and rob you of any reward or payoff for listening. Worse they ignore the needs of others by failing to read the room.

    Do your Listeners seemed bored or stop listening after a while?

    Noticing people don’t listen to you?

    Do your friends fall asleep, interrupt, or act distracted, while you are telling a story?

    Feeling UNHEARD?!?!

    Have you ever noticed that the people that are HEARD are often very good storytellers? Storytelling helps us connect and understand each other more deeply. Humans have been sharing stories in all varieties of expressions for most of our existence. The Art of Storytelling can be mastered by anyone, no matter what your story is. Even what seems to be a boring story can be made into an exciting telling that engages listeners, even if they have heard the story before!

    Be Inspiring! And Your Story can be told again and again with engaged listeners!

    Once you learn Bright Hawk’s tips and guides to engaging storytelling you can inspire audiences, engage children of all ages, and most of all BE HEARD! Bright Hawk helps shy tellers, entrepreneurs, visual storytellers, corporate professionals, people that talk a lot, and anyone with the desire to tell stories that keep the listeners engaged.

    Leaders, coaches, managers and teachers know–a compelling story can be a powerful call to action! Dare to inspire, motivate and engage!

    Bright Hawk offers a bi-monthly Storytelling event with some tips and guidelines on Storytelling and engaging groups. Join us on Zoom for FREE!

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    Bright Hawk also offers personal guidance and coaching to help YOU engage your listeners to inspire, create understanding, harvest compassion, entertain, and educate your listeners.

    If you take on the Bi-monthly Storytelling event and do 3 Coaching Sessions with Bright Hawk we are sure you will see immediate improvement in engaging your listeners!

    Get your 3 PERSONAL Storytelling Coaching Sessions and BE HEARD!!!

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      Bright Hawk Productions offers music, video, images and websites for companies looking to expand.

      Custom MUSIC files, VIDEOS & WEBSITES!

      Bright Hawk is available for custom productions including high-quality custom video and audio projects. Bright Hawk can help you complete your video, audio, or online production based on your own needs.

      Bright Hawk did an audio production for Nicki Scully – a sample below.

      Bright Hawk Productions created these tracks custom for Nicki Scully. This track includes Nicki’s voice and custom guided meditation, Bright Hawk’s recorded handpan and other percussive music, and Hollis Taylors digital additions and mixing.

      UPGRADE your BUSINESS – audio/visual/online