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Hang PANArtist – Composer – Musician – Storyteller – Percussionist – Teacher -Humanitarian

Available for – Wedding Ceremonies – Fine Dining – Special Events – Yoga Gatherings – Healing Events – Spiritual Gatherings – Ecstatic Dancing – Funerals – Hospice Situations – Children’s Entertainment – Entertainment for adults & families – Intimate Gatherings

Bright Hawk Hang PANArtist


Hang PanARTist
Bright Hawk’s Hang Handpan Instrument

The Hang PANArt instrument is a rare instrument that creates sounds that provide relaxing and healing vibrations to the listener. Some people have called it a hang drum, hang instrument, and Handpan instrument.  The instrument is loved by healers of all kinds for its stress relieving and relaxing vibrations. Most of us never hear it live but those that do often appreciate it for its unique sounds and vibrations. Often listeners are relieved of stress & anxiety allowing them to open up to happiness and joy.

Bright Hawk has an authentic Hang PANArt instrument and performs her own compositions in an upbeat and playful style. She can create family friendly experience with her Handpan Storytelling and also facilitate healing experiences with her Handpan and companion healer, Hollis Taylor.

You can learn more about the instrument:


Official PANArt Hang Manufacturer Website

Hangpan – Handpan Enthusiast Website

Hang PANArtisit


Bright Hawk offers a video for purchase that you download or order a DVD. You can click the image below to purchase the video. Support the development of this original story into a storytime book & DVD movie.

Click to Download this MP4 for your phone, laptop, or tablet. 

This download will give your child something positive and uplifting to watch and encourages creative personal expression. This story is great for all ages of children from 18mos to 10yo this story is 100% inclusive. The main character is a Hippo, whom loves to dance even though the other animals say “Hippo’s can’t dance!” This story was intended for all children, of all faiths and backgrounds including tribal children & transgender children. If you want this story for your group or children and cannot afford it please email directly to brighthawkproductions@gmail.com for a free pass.

We encourage you to watch Bright Hawks Social Media like Youtube and Instagram for updates on her videos. Here are some of our favorites:

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Bright Hawk is a multi-talented woman that loves to uplift the people around her. Her uplifting spirit, storytelling and music have entertained many audiences around the world for the past 20 years. As she grows as a musician she is loving what she does and doing what she loves.

Bright Hawk plays a variety of instruments, the most intriguing of them is the handpan, a Hang PANArt. Her lifetime of experience as a percussionist have inspired most of her original music that she creates on the handpan. All of the music that Bright Hawk plays on this instrument is an original composition. She also holds a natural ability  as a Storyteller. Uniquely she tells stories passionately while simultaneously providing her own music to go with her stories.

She is recognized as a rare female percussionist that is specifically talented with African rhythms and music through the Djembe, Marimba, and vocals. She has been playing West African Rhythms for over 20 years.

Bright Hawk has also been a storyteller for many years. Her excitement and professional approach help keep all types of audiences intrigued. Children and adults love to hear her original stories told along with the original music on the Hang PANArt. She also offers storytelling workshops and training that help build teams and communities.

Bright Hawk is a humanitarian and is interested in efforts to improve our world in uplifting ways and is proud to be the musician for a Music and Movement Program – Let’s Dance. All products and services provided by Bright Hawk Productions hold the intention to be 100% inclusive with notice to age, race, gender identity and expression, ability, and economical availability. Efforts to live and do business in a sustainable and clean way is a constant effort and at the highest priority for Bright Hawk Productions.


Highlights from Rites of Spring 2018

By Hollis Taylor

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May 2018 Earth Spirit community organizes their 40th Rites of Spring that includes history and future elements for the Massachusetts based community. The event no only included Bright Hawk but also historic members like Jeff & Spinner McBride, Selena Fox, and Wendy Rule.

25 years at Rites of Spring has been part of Bright Hawk’s path through many transformations from earliest in her seeker days to now as she steps forward as an elder, wise woman, and one of the best storytellers in the world. Her abilitiy to engage is clear at the traditional Magic Sunset Storytime held at least twice during the event. Just after dinner the community slowly moves themselves into position creating a very large comfortable listening space around the campfire space just outside the dining hall. Bright Hawk often tries on new ideas with the Rites of Spring audience because she is at her best among her chosen family. Assured that they will support and love her in her creative process. Bright Hawk offers music along with her stories in the past it was just the djembe but in her most recent transformations she has began to master playing the handpan along to her stories. A unique ability along with this unique instrument creates a storytelling experience among no other. Something different for families with children of different ages. An experience that engages the parents, big kids and little kids alike – an experience that in the Rites of Spring community that has now become a tradition. A celebrated tradition of listening to stories forgotten, transformed, and created by Bright Hawk that teach deep lessons like respecting nature, everyone serves a purpose, and how to transform our scars. A fantastic experience that helps bring together community and families with respect to how humans have always done it around the fire but also speaks to our today – with music and even live characters for our busy minds.

Storytelling was the overall theme of Rites of Spring in 2018 and Bright Hawk found herself with a new transformation of her storytelling teachings. Her background with storytelling in corporations in order to build teams and understanding, therefore increasing productivity, was only the first step in Bright Hawk’s newest creation “Storytelling to Inspire Consciousness”. From an intense 90 minute workshop that seems to open hearts and inspire even the shyest of the participant to now a 2-3 part series that takes us deep into storytelling. Starting with HOW to share our stories in a way that engages, inspires, and transforms the listener and using those tools to take us all deeper. Bright Hawk’s 2 or 3 days events help us to use those tools to deepen our relationships with others – creating vulnerability, understanding and community on a deeper more intimate level. Bright Hawk created a taste of this 2-3 days experience at Rites of Spring with a two part intensive, each 90mins, where participants were encouraged to attend both the first and second session. Each one of these intensives, with just a dozen individuals, that by their choice to engage are fortunate to create lasting bonds with the others in the intensive by simply sharing their story in a way that engages and inspires. When people are able to be present and listen to each others stories a deep understanding is created, therefore creating a deeper more peaceful understanding for others. This practice could potentially create serious transformations in communities leading to sustainable peace. When we work to sustain peace among ourselves as a community we are able to take inspiration to the world at large in hopes to find more peace.

Bright Hawk’s presence enhances the entire experience of rituals and traditions among the community in a very special way. Bright Hawk’s rhythms with the djembe are never taken for granted among the Fire Circles every other night, she is often known to be a very strong group drummer and helps bring drummers together with her confidence and guidance. Bright Hawk’s presence among the community brings beauty and music to rituals that inspire original tradition. Tradition that was created by this community for this community and held in a healthy way through tears and struggles to celebrations and growths. Bright Hawk is honored to be part of a community that understands deeply how to hold each other through all our parts, even the ones that aren’t as comfortable as others. Building community goes deep and to have her roots deeply in the Rites of Spring community gives Bright Hawk inspiration and confidence to carry her amazing talents and messages around the world each year.

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2018 Tour Announcements!

Hoping to catch Bright Hawk on her East Coast tour? Check out these awesome festivals that are featuring Bright Hawk on their line-up!

Rites of Spring
The 40th Rites of Spring is May 23-28,2018

JUNE 1-3rd, 2018


JUNE 22nd – JUNE 24TH 2018


The New York Faerie Festival
June 29th thru July 1st, 2018


The Starwood Festival
Wysteria Campground in OH
July 10 – 16, 2018


ARISE Music Festival
August 3-5, 2018 • Sunrise Ranch • Loveland, Colorado


Cascadia Fire
Oregon Coast
October 4th – October 7th

Cascadia Fire2018

Sacred Harvest Festival


Bright Hawk will be at the Sacred Harvest Festival in Southern Minnesota.

Monday August 4th – Sunday August 10th

A Quote from the website

Join us in our seventeenth year for an intimate tribal experience. Each year between two and three hundred Pagans and nature worshipers and their children and elders come together for a week of joy, fellowship, and learning. Our theme, “Gratitude” reflects the realization that for a mid sized festival in southern Minnesota we have hosted an amazingly talented group of speakers, visionaries, and musicians over the years. Sacred Harvest Festival has welcomed well over a thousand unique individuals who have made our tribe flourish. In gratitude, and for the first time, we have decided to bring some of our favorite people back as guests.”

Arise Music Festival


Bright Hawk will be part of Arise Music Festival in Loveland, CO

A Quote from Arise Website:

“An independent, family-run, leave-no-trace event, the ARISE Festival takes place over three days at Sunrise Ranch, a 350-acre organic farm and retreat center, located in a stunning Colorado mountain valley just west of the town of Loveland. Recognized as more than a music festival, ARISE offers a range of activities such as workshops, enriching yoga classes, provocative documentary films and panel discussions, art installations, live painters and art gallery, performance artists and theme camps. ARISE also offers “interactive villages” including a Children’s Village, Food Truck Village, Vending Village, Healers Village, Hemp Village, Wisdom Village and a Solution’s Village, showcasing ecological and social justice solutions with practical on-site demonstrations designed to make our world a better place.

The consummate summer camping festival for conscientious music fans — ARISE is renowned for bold and progressive “global cooling” initiatives, such as a long-held commitment to planting one tree with every ticket sold, staging a pre-festival permaculture training, local sourcing, an organic farmer’s market in the campground, and a leave-no-trace ethos.”

Bright Hawk @ Cascadia Fire


A Quote from Cascadia Fire

“We are a part of an extended network of gatherings in this vibrant emerging tradition that has deep roots and many branches throughout the United States and beyond. Through CascadiaFire and the broader tribe of Cascadia Vortex we honor and celebrate the confluence of Fire and Water in creating healthy culture together.

We carry the torch of the Fire Circle home and draw from deep roots in Cascadia and various magickal traditions to gather with the explicit intent of co-creating and cultivating community and healthy culture that embody creativity and respectful relationships.”

Thursday, July 27 to Sunday, July 30 – 2017


Bright Hawk’s 2017 Tour

dhh-mp4Bright Hawk is grateful to be touring via Let’s Dance Activities and also visiting Libraries, schools, and other communities that can benefit from Bright Hawk’s music and storytelling. I hope you have had a chance to keep up with Bright Hawk’s newest revolutions including a now downloadable video for children of all ages, genders, and economical abilities.
Bright Hawk is also offering this storytelling 13442444_10208634887685510_6087142425578368195_oalong with her Newest Story both with Live Action Characters! This Storytelling experience is great for kids 5+ – interactive – Fun – and inclusive. Remember Bright Hawk does her storytelling WHILE playing the handpan simultaneously!


Bright Hawk is also announcing the events she will appear at on her website, so if your planning on catching her at a festival you can find out where she will be via the website. Bright Hawk’s Facebook, instagram, and twitter are also great places to keep up with her touring destinations. Bright Hawk is available for weddings, children’s events, family festivals, house concerts, and festivals. Bright Hawk Productions offers a variety of programs including movement programs, concerts, storytelling, and other things. If you having an upcoming event and want Bright Hawk to be part, send us an email! LD2017



Joyfully Peaceful Vibrations Concert 

HI Vibe community sanctuary welcomes Bright Hawk back with a community concert. 
A concert with the intention to create peaceful & joyful vibrations and images with the music of the handpan. Handpan music is used for healing journeys of all kinds and in this concert Bright Hawk will add storytelling that warms the heart, connects humanity and inspires the soul to experience peace. 

Bright Hawk is a 20+ year community musician that has inpsired concious communities all over the world. Her uplifting spirit, inspirational travels, and connection with nature inspire her stories that she uniquely puts together with her handpan music. One of a kind Handpan Experience Bright Hawk storytells while playing the handpan music, including specific songs in the stories, to enhance the storytelling experience. 

Facebook event page for more information

2/9/2017 – 7:30pm 

SUGGESTED donation, no one turned away. $10- $20

VibeTribe community Sanctuary

2197 10th Avenue Honolulu, HI