Thank you

We are so grateful that you are willing to take this deep dive into yourself.

When we heal ourselves, we heal humanity, and in that we heal the earth.

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There will be a welcome email asking for some information to draw up your astrology chart, get more details about your diet, and open a dialogue going forward. This will come as soon as we are able to send.

Please spread the word, invite your friend, dive deep into your relationship and invite your friends to join us for a very unique magickal experience under the full moon light. Copy and Paste the message below into an email from yourself…

“Bright Hawk, Hollis, and Areeya offer a retreat for diving deep into our souls so that we can overcome even the biggest of mountains. Hosted at the Beautiful Vacation Home ‘The Castle In The Clouds’ this retreat will offer tools to overcome our biggest challenges, connections with the outdoors and community, and beautiful full moon ceremony under the wide sky on top the mountains. Beautiful Views, open exploration days, healthy food, and intentional activities to support us on our journey ahead. Learn More at