Bright Hawk

Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance – using both the handpan instrument and movement this activity is intended for all levels of physical and cognitive impairment including wheelchair bound, Alzheimer, dementia, and autism.

The Let’s Dance program provides a unique vibrational setting and healing sound experience through the music of the Hang PanArt instrument played by Bright Hawk; complimented by Hollis Taylor’s gentle guidance and movement with the participants. Together they create a peaceful, safe, collaborative environment within which to engage, relax, and respond in natural and joyful ways.

Let’s Dance provides activities that serve as both entertainment, exercise, and stress relief. The handpan instrument helps relieve stress with its healing vibrations while Hollis brings one on one attention to each person with eye contact, smiles, and simple words. Individuals are exercised within their personal range of motion and comfort as recognized by Hollis. The face to face contact and movement combined with the unique sounds of the hang instrument prompts individuals to recollect joyous moments and the fun of dancing.

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