Fall/Winter Tour 2019 -Cascadia Fire

Fall/Winter Tour 2019 -Cascadia Fire

Part of the Fall/Winter Tour for 2019 is Cascadia Fire – “We come together as a collective of artists, musicians, dancers, magickians, bards, alchemists and wisdom keepers to create anew the sacred container of the fire circle in the beautiful home of Cascadia.”

Bring yourself to the fire to feed your heart, clear your mind and replenish your soul. Enjoy Cascadia Fire on the Oregon Coast and dance your way into the next chapter of your life! Connect with like minded people and create friendships for a lifetime.

From the Website: https://www.cascadiafire.com/

We come together to co-create this gathering as place of sacred celebration, conscious connection with the Fire and each other, Cascadia and Gaia, and a prayerful container for nature-centered magick and music making.

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