Storyteller Coaching

Are you a Hostage Taker?

Wait, what’s a Hostage Taker?

A person who talks, offers stories, or tells about things but seems to go on and on with no payoff to the listener.

Do your Listeners seemed bored or stop listening after a while?

Do you notice people don’t listen to you?

Do your friends fall asleep while you are telling a story?

Feeling UNHEARD?!?!

Have you ever noticed that the people that are HEARD are often very good storytellers? Storytelling helps us connect and understand each other more deeply. Humans have been sharing stories in all varieties of expressions for most of our existence. The Art of Storytelling can be mastered by anyone, no matter what your story is. Even what seems to be a boring story can be made into an exciting telling that engages listeners, even if they have heard the story before!

A Good Telling of a Story can be repeated again and again with engaged listeners!

Once you learn Bright Hawk’s tips and guides to engaging storytelling you can inspire audiences, engage children of all ages, and most of all BE HEARD! Bright Hawk helps shy tellers, entrepreneurs, visual storytellers, corporate professionals, people that talk a lot, and anyone with the desire to tell stories that keep the listeners engaged.

Lead your Project by being able to tell a story that inspires!

Bright Hawk offers a bi-weekly Storytelling event with some tips and guidelines on Storytelling and engaging groups. Join us on Zoom for FREE!

Hosted by Bright Hawk Productions

Bright Hawk also offers personal guidance and coaching to help YOU engage your listeners to inspire, create understanding, harvest compassion, entertain, and educate your listeners.

If you take on the Bi-weekly Storytelling event and do 3 Coaching Sessions with Bright Hawk we are sure you will see immediate improvement in engaging your listeners!

Get your 3 PERSONAL Storytelling Coaching Sessions and BE HEARD!!!