Bright Hawk

Climbing Mountains Retreat

August 9th -15th 2019

Deep in the Rocky Mountains about an hour from the Airport.

Bright Hawk Productions Presents, “The Climbing Mountains Retreat”, deep in the Roosevelt National Forest in the Colorado Mountains. The Castle in The Clouds sanctuary, serves as a retreat for many traveler throughout the year, just an hour from Denver, in the backyard of Rocky Mountain National Park and Golden Gate State Park and just 20 minutes from the mountain town, home of the biggest crystal shop and the Carousel of Happiness, Nederland, Colorado.

This Colorado Cabin lies deep in Roosevelt National Forest and has a very home feel. This land vibrating with healing energy helps us manifest our flow, as it does for many. Bright Hawk offers a retreat for all of us climbing mountains, regardless of what we are trying to overcome this retreat is for YOU.

An Inspiring Host that shines light everywhere she goes and soothes our soul with the handpan – Bright Hawk Facilitates a retreat for climbing mountains.

Bright Hawk teams up with Hollis Taylor, author of Divine Androgyne, and Areeya Marie, priestess in the Arts of Sanctuary, in a deep exploration of transformative tools of well being.

Just a Short hike from the Castle In the Clouds – From the Faery Top

Using wisdom in storytelling, astrology, tarot, journaling, healthy eating, deep ceremony and community connection this team is offering the retreat to help you overcome anything from self-sabotage, trauma, health challenges, death, grief, or simply the process of starting your own business.

What will we do?

  • A Full Astrology Birth Chart with basic interpretations printed
  • Handmade Gifts for your altars at home
  • Short Easy and Moderate Hikes in the Rocky Mountains
  • Explore your energetic connections with nature & the wilderness
  • Deep workings about storytelling in our life with Bright Hawk
  • Playshops with rhythm & music with Bright Hawk
  • Deep Work with our Ancestors with Medium Hollis Taylor
  • Holistic Health & Installing Balance in your life with Hollis Taylor
  • Raw Food exploration with Areeya
  • Feeling & exploring incense for intentional moments with Areeya
  • Deep Ceremony under the full moon and wide open sky of Colorado
  • Educational discussions to support your journey
  • Yoga/Meditation time with a fantastic view
  • Food preparation playshops to trade recipes and build community
  • Deep Connections with others and an ongoing community connection
  • An entire day to explore nearby attractions on your own
  • Basic Astronomy exploration with a telescope and explore Astrology

We are ALL climbing mountains metaphorically and in this retreat we will use many tools to overcome even physical challenges like extra unwanted weight. This event will push you up over the mountain both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It is set to include hikes in a secluded Forest in the Rocky Mountains, playshops with Bright Hawk, Hollis and Areeya, healthy food and playshops to learn about healthy eating, an open day for you to explore nearby sites or schedule a private session with a host.

You will gain personal insight through your personal astrology chart, meditation, and personal journaling. You will walk away with the ability to tell your own story, memorabilia for your personal alter, and how to inspire others. An Astronomy night, A Full Moon walk, and and a ceremony to set your intention going forward, will wrap up this Rocky Mountain experience.

Areeya Marie, Bright Hawk, and Hollis Taylor your excited, inspiring and uplifting hosts.

Your fee covers 2 meals a day and snacks available all day. Vegetarian/vegan and gluten free blessed food from local farms in Colorado. It also covers camping fees, supplies, basic astrology chart, daily activities, one free day to explore the local area, a free private consultation with one of the hosts, deep work with your ancestors and medium Hollis Taylor, storytelling guidance from Bright Hawk, Health food preparation with Areeya, deep ceremony under the full moon.

There are 3 beds available, each in a private room, up to two people in each bed. There is a $50 extra charge per bed.

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View from the back deck. We will use this space for Yoga, meditation, and other activities.

We intend to include everyone! This retreat is 100% inclusive for all gender expressions and pronoun needs are deeply respected. This event is part hosted by Hollis Taylor, A gender variant person asking for gender neutral pronouns, so please rest assured your gender expressions will be respected.

We welcome all colors of skin & race and have two women of mixed color on our Host Team. All races are welcomed and conversation about race is celebrated.

We all live through trauma, some of us more than others, and if your overcoming trauma – this is your retreat! The entire team has experienced overcoming trauma. Trauma will be addressed in the event, and all trauma is valid.

This group is also sensitive and familiar with autism and other neurobiological differences and welcomes all people! All Spiritual paths are also welcomed although ‘recruiting language” will not be tolerated. All food needs are welcomed, registration will allow for details regarding your diet. Vegan/Vegetarian Gluten Free Provided.

Divine Androgyne- By Hollis Taylor – A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People

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