Bright Hawk is a multi-talented woman that loves to uplift the people around her. Her uplifting spirit, storytelling and music have entertained many audiences around the world for the past 20 years. As she grows as a musician she is loving what she does and doing what she loves.

Bright Hawk plays a variety of instruments, the most intriguing of them is the handpan, a Hang PANArt. Her lifetime of experience as a percussionist have inspired most of her original music that she creates on the handpan. All of the music that Bright Hawk plays on this instrument is an original composition. She also holds a natural ability  as a Storyteller. Uniquely she tells stories passionately while simultaneously providing her own music to go with her stories.

She is recognized as a rare female percussionist that is specifically talented with African rhythms and music through the Djembe, Marimba, and vocals. She has been playing West African Rhythms for over 20 years.

Bright Hawk has also been a storyteller for many years. Her excitement and professional approach help keep all types of audiences intrigued. Children and adults love to hear her original stories told along with the original music on the Hang PANArt. She also offers storytelling workshops and training that help build teams and communities.

Bright Hawk is a humanitarian and is interested in efforts to improve our world in uplifting ways and is proud to be the musician for a Music and Movement Program – Let’s Dance. All products and services provided by Bright Hawk Productions hold the intention to be 100% inclusive with notice to age, race, gender identity and expression, ability, and economical availability. Efforts to live and do business in a sustainable and clean way is a constant effort and at the highest priority for Bright Hawk Productions.


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