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Magic Sunset Story Time! Storytelling Playshop

Bright Hawk - Story Teller

A Delightful performance for people of all ages! Not to be missed! Traditionally stories are used to teach and entertain. Characters come to life, speaking through nature, metaphor and spirits of the ancient one. Bright Hawk shares inspirational stories from around the world, inviting our imaginations to create healing and magic through storytelling, drumming and song.

Bright Hawk also offers a fantastic workshop for the storyteller in all of us. Bright Hawk has been teaching people to tell stories for years in and out of the corporate setting. Based on her highly valued workshop in the corporate setting she offers a storytelling workshop for everyone. This workshop “Musing at the Crossroads” can be a fun, delightful, and enriching workshop for diverse communities. Storytelling brings your community together in a better understanding of each others personal stories.

Overcoming Tragedy
We can feel the global impact on humans this virus has created, most of us are locked in our homes to wait it out. Yet somehow, all of us, seem to sense that BIG changes are happening because of this pandemic. Somehow in our hearts and our souls we see the impact humans have on earth, animals and nature in general. We are awakening to our full connection to all things alive on planet earth, including the virus itself.
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BIG! Everythings BIG!
Bright Hawk is offering a Fire Circle that she is facilitating, organizing and visualizing along with other people including Hollis Taylor, Crystal J. Love, and Jason Bliss. This Fire Circle is completely different in the timing of the ceremonies and the intentional inclusion of children.
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Humans are Imperfect, Right?
Today, with digital editing and so forth we had to decide.... did we want to make her beats PERFECT like a computer?
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Unexpected Encounters
We come around a blind corner to slowed traffic, "Oh No, I hope it's not an accident!" As we both look ahead and wind around and up the mountain we begin to realize what will become the biggest challenge off this mountain top.
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Honoring The Ancients
What they unfolded was the truth about the first people of this land, that in fact maybe they weren't so 'primitive'. As we walked the edge and stared at the ruins we imagined them not much different than us now, except they of course didn't have technology. At least they didn't have cell phones and computers but we are sure they communicated, maybe through scouts or drumming from one mountain top to another?
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More than one way to do things!
Hollis found themselves woken in what could be defined as 'the dead of night' with no signs of the sun and not much noise. Except Hollis noticed something outside the tent, making the entire ground rumble beneath them. As Hollis' eyes got larger and the part moon shined just enough shadow/light for Hollis to know there was a bear just outside the tent.
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Did you see the signs?
Hollis caught up and Bright Hawk explained “Look, see the steam coming up, smell the rotten eggs? That’s a hot spring, and we are getting closer.” Since Hollis had never done anything like this before they followed along, it was now time to follow Bright Hawk
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Are You Sure About This?
Both of us taking deep breathes, to release the stress, after each challenging piece of the road. The coordinates for the actual campsite were at least 1.5 miles down this dirt road, it was late and both of us are tired. We traveled several hours today, had a several hour hike, plus the excitement of getting to see the North Rim Grand Canyon!
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Storyteller Coaching

Are you a Hostage Taker?

Wait, what’s a Hostage Taker?

A person who talks, offers stories, or tells about things but seems to go on and on with no payoff to the listener.

Do your Listeners seemed bored or stop listening after a while?

Do you notice people don’t listen to you?

Do your friends fall asleep while you are telling a story?

Feeling UNHEARD?!?!

Have you ever noticed that the people that are HEARD are often very good storytellers? Storytelling helps us connect and understand each other more deeply. Humans have been sharing stories in all varieties of expressions for most of our existence. The Art of Storytelling can be mastered by anyone, no matter what your story is. Even what seems to be a boring story can be made into an exciting telling that engages listeners, even if they have heard the story before!

A Good Telling of a Story can be repeated again and again with engaged listeners!

Once you learn Bright Hawk’s tips and guides to engaging storytelling you can inspire audiences, engage children of all ages, and most of all BE HEARD! Bright Hawk helps shy tellers, entrepreneurs, visual storytellers, corporate professionals, people that talk a lot, and anyone with the desire to tell stories that keep the listeners engaged.

Lead your Project by being able to tell a story that inspires!

Bright Hawk offers a bi-weekly Storytelling event with some tips and guidelines on Storytelling and engaging groups. Join us on Zoom for FREE!

Hosted by Bright Hawk Productions

Bright Hawk also offers personal guidance and coaching to help YOU engage your listeners to inspire, create understanding, harvest compassion, entertain, and educate your listeners.

If you take on the Bi-weekly Storytelling event and do 3 Coaching Sessions with Bright Hawk we are sure you will see immediate improvement in engaging your listeners!

Get your 3 PERSONAL Storytelling Coaching Sessions and BE HEARD!!!

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Custom Productions

Bright Hawk Productions offers music, video, images and websites for companies looking to expand.


Bright Hawk is available for custom productions including high-quality custom video and audio projects. Bright Hawk can help you complete your video, audio, or online production based on your own needs.

Bright Hawk did an audio production for Nicki Scully – a sample below.

Bright Hawk Productions created these tracks custom for Nicki Scully. This track includes Nicki’s voice and custom guided meditation, Bright Hawk’s recorded handpan and other percussive music, and Hollis Taylors digital additions and mixing.

UPGRADE your BUSINESS – audio/visual/online